Wiring a Lionel OTC to Uncoupling Tracks

Compared to the complex operating tracks, the simple uncoupling track can be hooked up to the OTC very quickly. The OTC can control up to four of these devices. Please see the main page for the OTC for advice on wiring the power and command inputs, programming and operations.

Wiring the Uncoupling Track


Remove the wire from the center rail connection on your uncoupling track. Only the wire from the magnet must go to the OTC.

The uncoupling track features a pair of wires leading from beneath the track base to a pushbutton controller. You will only need a single wire from the track to the OTC. You can reuse one of the original wires or discard the entire assembly and use a new piece. To complete the wiring:

  1. Remove the red wire from the connection to the center rail.
  2. Connect the black wire from the magnet to the Number 1 position on the OTC. (There are four “1” positions¬†– one for each uncoupling track.)
  3. Connect a wire from the No. 2 position on the OTC to the AC Hot lead (14 Volts) of your accessory transformer. Note that we are not connecting to ground as with other accessories and switches.

That’s it! Refer to the main page for programming instructions.

Operating the Uncoupling Track

Simply enter the accessory address for your uncoupler and press and hold the Aux 1 key to activate the magnet. You can now uncouple cars anywhere on your layout from anywhere in the room with your command control cab. To review the entire process from wiring to programming to operation, watch this brief video: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhJVNQIT5UM]

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