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6-12020 Uncoupling Track

Lionel offers two different uncoupling tracks. The basic uncoupling track (FasTrack No. 6-12020 and O-27 No. 6-65149) features an electromagnet in the center rail. The operating  tracks (Fastrack 6-12054, O-27 6-65530) also feature four additional accessory activation rails for use on operating cars like the barrel loader, milk car, horse cars, etc.

Both of these are built to operate off of your track power. But like other accessories, your couplers and operating cars will work better off of a fixed 14 V AC power supply than from the variable track power. Converting these track sections to use a fixed voltage power supply is easy.

Converting the Uncoupling Track

uncoupling wires

Remove the red wire from the “Track Power” clip. You can either remove the plug and connect this wire to a lead from you accessory power supply directly, or use the “AUX POWER” jumper.

The electromagnet in the center of the uncoupling track is activated by pressing a button which completes a circuit between the inside rail and the magnet. To modify the track, simply disconnect the red wire from the center rail connection and connect it to the AC Hot terminal (or bus wire) from your accessory transformer. Keep the accessory and track transformers in phase and your uncoupling track will operate reliably on 14 V AC, eliminating the loud “clunk” from uncoupling at full track power. This will also reduce chances of the magnet from overheating if activated too long.

Converting the Operating Track


6-12054 Operating Track

The same procedure holds for the operating track. Remove the red wire from the center rail and attach to the AC Hot accessory connection. With the activation rails operating at 14 V, cars will function at a realistic and reliable speed.

You can also find instructions for these conversions in the manuals that come with these tracks. To see this in action with our FasTrack sections, just watch this video: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=xUen9ktP92M]

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  1. Racking my brain:
    In regards to my operating track section, Lionel 6-12054, which works fine using track power in both the uncouple and unload modes (using my operating box car), I prefer to wire it to a constant 14V power supply to my CW80 watt transformer via the accessory terminals. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty getting my operating box car to function. The uncoupler still works fine, but not the unload feature. All I did was remove the red lead from under the track and connect it to the 14v supply per your video blog. The uncoupler still works fine, but the accessory rails do not. With my multimeter, I notice that one set of accessory rails (upon pressing the unload button) energizes to 14v, but the other set of rails maintains a constant 1.5 v approximately. When I re-hook up the red lead back to the track for track power, everything works fine again. One set of accessory rails energizes to 14v while the other set de-energizes to 0v and the box car operates just fine. Any idea why there would be a difference just by re-directing the red lead to accessory power from track power. BTW, the track is brand new, as is the transformer and I didn’t mess with any other wires on the operating track. Also, I did notice that my operating track upon removal of the beveled roadbed has 4 sets of three copper terminals which I do not see in the instruction manual or in your videos. It appears to be wired with red (hot), green, and black wires at each location for some function that is beyond me. Is this operating track different or are they all the same? thanks

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