Lionel’s Gateman – Installing Illuminated and Animated Accessories


The Lionel Gateman is one of the most popular accessories of all time. See how easy it is to wire to your liking!

Accessories like the famous Lionel Gateman have both a light and an animation feature. These accessories can be wired and activated in a couple of ways. You have the option of having your light on all the time, or to have it operate in conjunction with the animation when activated by the passing train.

All you have to do is change a few wires and you’ll have the operation you want. Follow along in this video as we show how you can configure this popular accessory with our insulated outside rail track block. The same techniques will work with other illuminated / animated accessories like the burning switchtower.


5 thoughts on “Lionel’s Gateman – Installing Illuminated and Animated Accessories

  1. How do u wire street lamps with fastrack. I’m new to the model train world. Looking for some guidance to explain and install multiple accessories.

    • Mr. Scholze, If you want to connect your accessories to FasTrack, the easiest way is to use crimp-on wire connectors to connect to the tabs, or simply solder onto the pads which fasten the rails on the underside of the track base. You can also connect your wires directly to the accessory terminals on your power pack, or a separate power supply dedicated to accessories and avoid the track altogether.

  2. I just acquired the lionel ice cream station. However, when I wire it up, it moves extremely fast. Is there a way I can slow this down at all to make it look natural?

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