Lionel Accessory Activation – 153E

In addition to the outside insulated rail track block, Lionel offers options to have your accessories turned on and off by a train as it passes the accessory directly. There are three variations of the number “153” switch. The 153E switch works in conjunction with the Accessory Activator Pack (insulated outside rail) track to control dual animation accessories.


153E Board

The 153E (or Electronic) switch allows FasTrack (or any other track system using the insulated outside rail block) to operate dual animation as well as single animation accessories with the Accessory Activator Pack (6-12029). It is a simple electronic DPDT relay that hooks up in seconds.  You can purchase these directly from customer service, starting in mid-July. The part number is 691-153E-001. You can call or order directly through our website.

To install the 153E connect the single wire from the insulated rail to the insulated rail input terminal on the 153E board. Next attach the AC Hot to the AC Hot accessory bus or transformer terminal. And attach the AC Ground to the AC Ground bus. These screw terminals are seen on the left side of the board in th photo. The accessory output terminals are on the right.

From the accessory itself, attach the AC Hot wire to the AC Hot terminal – “A”. Attach the ground wire for the normally “closed” animation to the “B” or normally closed connection. This is the animation / light that will be on when the train is not present. And attach the ground wire for the normally “open” animation to the “C” or open connection. This is the animation that is activated when the train is present. These positions correspond to the traditional clips on the 153C. Terminals D and E are a second set of closed and open outputs (duplicating B and C) allowing you to control an additional accessory if desired.

To see all of this in more detail, watch the following video as we install a signal bridge: [youtube=]

0 thoughts on “Lionel Accessory Activation – 153E

  1. I want to use the accessory activation technique to turn on a normal set of string Christmas lights when my train passes over an insulated section of fastrack. How would I make that happen?

    • Looking at a strand of lights, the only challenge would be the voltage diffference between our normal accessories which operate best at 14 volts and the lights which are plugged into a 120V wall outlet. Since the 2.5V bulbs are wired in series, you may not have enough power for a long string of lights to produce much illumination from a normal accessory power supply. If you remove the wall plug and wire the strand as a conventional accessory you won’t blow the bulbs but you may not get the amount of light you’re looking for. Reducing the number of bulbs in the strand would increase the power to the remaining bulbs if desired.

  2. How would I go about putting a passing siding and a relay on a fastrack layout activating the two switch on either side to operate multiple trains on the same loop?


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