Installing LEGACY

If you’re looking for help installing your LEGACY system, we’ve got video tutorials to walk you through every step of the set-up process. We’ve broken this down into manageable chunks to help you whether you want a complete walkthrough or just need help with one subject.LEGACY

  1. Getting Started
  2. Unpacking Your Set
  3. Connecting the LEGACY base to the track
  4. Start Programming
  5. Locating the Program / Run Switch
  6. Assigning a Locomotive Address
  7. Loading Engine Memory Modules
  8. Buttons Around the Remote
  9. Whistle / Bell – Steam
  10. Whistle / Bell – Diesel
  11. Function Buttons – Boost, Brake and Direction
  12. Uncoupling
  13. Feedback Switch
  14. Getting to Know the Touchscreen
  15. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Bottom Icons
  16. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Sounds
  17. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Ground Lights
  18. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Smoke Effects
  19. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Reset
  20. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Diesel RPMs
  21. AUX 1 and Touchscreen Steam Effects
  22. Touchscreen and Preset Speeds
  23. AUX 2 and Directional Lighting
  24. System Halt
  25. Recording Train Operations
  26. Train Brake Load Effect
  27. Scrolling Thru Engines
  28. Building a Train for Lash-Ups
  29. Running a Lash-Up
  30. Connecting TMCC-1 to LEGACY
  31. Loading Generic (White) Memory Modules
  32. Running TMCC and LEGACY Locomotives Together
  33. Registering Your Product

And some additional useful resources for TMCC users:

  1. Programming TMCC Locomotives
  2. Similarities Between TMCC and LEGACY
  3. TMCC and LEGACY Signal Basics
  4. TMCC Stall Momentum and Max Speed

13 thoughts on “Installing LEGACY

  1. There are no tutorial videos for the TMC-1 or for that fact there are no video tutorials found on this page . Any area I touch goes back to a product page.

    • Pat, I just rechecked all of the links, and they are all going to the videos hosted on You may want to give it another try. If it still isn’t working for you, please let me know.

  2. After installing new Legacy control and TPC 400s, the Cab 2 cannot find base. Only functions that work are on, off, scan And retry. Scans thru channels but does not connect. Scroll button does nothing, so I cannot scroll to channel indicated by flashing icon on base. I need suggestions on resolving this.

    • John,
      You can try unplugging the TPC to see if that makes everything work, but chances are something has shorted out and we’ll need to repair the base. Please contact our customer service at (586)949-4100 or email to set up a repair. Thanks!

  3. After loading blue OS memory modules into the CAB-2 and Base, it now works OK. It has Version 1.3. I can run one main line at a time out of two. I will try re-programming the other TPC 400. I have two main lines and all conventional locomotives, some with Trainsounds.

  4. The installing Legacy video series would have been much easier to follow if the entire demonstration showed a close up of the remote throughout all the various videos, as was done in the first few videos, instead of holding the remote at a distance, whose details could not be seen. The locomotive pictures could have still been incorporated during the explanation.

  5. I have recently purchased Legacy. My layout has four independent tracks. If I connect the command base to one track, will the other three tracks receive command signals?

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