Controlling Accessories with the ASC

In addition to controlling switches, the Lionel ASC can be used to operate up to eight accessories, using momentary or on/off control functions. Pressing the AUX 1 (also used for the “Through” switch route) causes the ASC to act as a momentary contact switch, turning on the accessory for as long as you hold the button on your remote. AUX 2 (aka the Out route) acts like an on/off switch. Press once to turn the accessory on, then press again to turn it off.

To operate correctly, the ASC must be wired to your power supply and command station. To review this, go back and check out the ASC basics page.

Wiring Accessories


The ASC is a great option for adding multi-levels of control to a wide variety of accessories.

Wiring the ASC to your accessories couldn’t be much easier. The ASC is basically a set of eight electronic toggle switches. You are wiring these switches into the AC Ground connections from your accessories to your transformer. So, if you’ve wired accessories to switches before, or if you are converting an existing layout to command control, then this process will be very familiar.

Each of the eight accessory positions has just one wire connection. The circuit is completed by connecting the common positions (there are two, one for each four accessories) on the ASC the to Ground on your fixed 14 volt AC accessory power. Simply connect the output for each accessory address to the ground circuit for the accessory itself. Unlike the SC-2, only one wire is needed for both momentary and on/off control of the accessory.

It is easier to show this wiring than describe it, so to see how we wire a light tower, just follow along with this short video: [youtube=]

Programming the ASC

To program the ASC to operate 8 accessories, first remove the plug on the side of the unit to set it to the Program position. Then complete the following with your TMCC or LEGACY remote:

  1. Press Accessory
  2. Press 1
  3. Press Set
  4. The green LED on the ASC will illuminate for one second to confirm the command.

This has told the ASC that it will be operating accessories and that it’s addresses will be 1 through 8. For addresses 9-16, enter “9” in step two, for 17-24 enter “17”, etc.  If you would enter any number within those 8 address ranges, the ASC will automatically set up for that range. In other words, entering 11 will still result in accessory addresses 9-16 not 11-19. Up to 99 accessories can be controlled with your command control system. You can use up to twelve ASC’s for accessories (and you can still add more for switches on top of that.)

Put the plug back in to resume operations mode when you are done programming.

Operating Your Accessories

burning switch tower

What will you bring to life with your ASC?

To control your accessories, simply enter the accessory number into your cab and press the Aux 1 or Aux 2 key. Press and hold Aux 1 to keep the accessory on. Use Aux 2 to turn the accessory on, and then press again to turn it off. Do remember that some accessories which are normally only momentarily controlled can burn out if left on for too long.

The ASC will handle any accessory up to 4 Amps in current draw – so just about anything you can dream of to attach to it! This means you could also wire several smaller accessories to activate simultaneously from one of the outputs. For example, a freight yard with four light towers could be controlled by a single control as long as you don’t want to turn each light off and on individually.

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