Beyond the Trains – Expanding Your Command Control System

If all LEGACY and TMCC allowed you to do was enjoy the amazing sound and operating features of your trains, it would be an amazing technology. But thanks to some additional easy-to-add products, you can expand the capabilities of your command control system to put all of your switches, lights, accessories and more in the palm of your hand as well.

Like getting started with command control, the hardest part of these add-ons isn’t the physical installation or the programming and operation – it’s figuring out what you need! Lionel offers a variety of products, all generally known by their 3-letter abbreviations. ATC, BPC, ASC – Yikes! Not only do they all sound almost the same, most of them look pretty similar too. It can all melt together into a cloud of confusion when you’re getting started. Let’s introduce each of these products here briefly, then will show you how to use them in subsequent pages.


6-14181 TMCC Action Recorder Controller (ARC) – Record and save up to 8 operating scenarios and play them back over and over. This is a great way to automate a portion of your TMCC layout. Note that this capacity is already built into your LEGACY system and this controller will not record the 9-bit LEGACY commands, so you only need this device if you want to record operations in TMCC.


Accessory Switch Controller (ASC)

6-14182 TMCC Accessory Switch Controller (ASC) – This very useful device can control both switches and accessories. Control up to eight accessories or four switches with the ASC. You can control more than just Lionel switches, but it is better suited for some than others. See its specific product pace for more information. You can use this in conjunction with the SC-2 for other switches for the best control.

6-22980 SC-2 Switch Controller (SC-2) – Like the ASC, the SC-2 can control both switches and accessories. Programmable for six switches, twelve accessories, or a combination of four switches and four accessories. Like the ASC, the SC-2 will operate more than just Lionel switches, but is better suited for some than others. See its page for more information.

6-14183 TMCC Accessory Motor Controller (AMC) – Add command control to your motorized accessories. Perfect for accessories like our gantry crane, you can control up to four motors or lights with one AMC.


Block Power Controller (BPC)

6-14184 TMCC Block Power Controller (BPC) – This device has many uses when operating both in command control and when operating conventional locomotives with your command system. Use the BPC to connect up to four block and up to four TPCs to route power between them. This reduces the number of Powermasters or TPCs you’ll need and allows you to transition from one track to another without worry of voltage changes.

6-14185 TMCC Operating Track Controller (OTC) – Use the OTC to operate up to two operating tracks or up to four uncoupling tracks.

6-14186 TMCC Accessory Voltage Controller (AVC) – You can use this device to program and deliver a specific fixed voltage to all of your accessories and control that voltage with your remote.

6-14189 and 6-14179 Track Power Controller (TPC 300 and TPC 400 respectively) – These 300 and 400 Watt controllers allow you to run conventional locomotives with TMCC like the Powermaster but with additional power and the ability to operate MTH Proto-Sound® 2.0 locomotives in conventional mode.

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