Adding Command Control to Switches – Choosing the Right Controller

Lionel’s TMCC and LEGACY systems are capable of controlling not only all of our switches, but those of nearly every other manufacturer as well. Model train switches generally fall into one of two categories; twin-coil and DC motors. The two controller options available, the ASC (Accessory Switch Controller) and the SC-2 are each best suited to particular switch types. How do you know which to buy?


For best performance out of your switches, no matter which controller you use, you should wire the switches with constant voltage. See our instructions for wiring Lionel switches for step-by-step instructions on how to do this for FasTrack, O-31 and O-27 switches.



Accessory Switch Controller (ASC)

The ASC (6-14182) will control up to four switches (or eight accessories). It is best suited for the new switch motor type switches including:

  • FasTrack
  • Tortoise (and other slow motion machines)
  • DZ-1000




The SC-2 (6-22980) will control up to six switches or four switches along with four accessories (or twelve accessories). It is best suited for twin-coil machines, although it will also operate FasTrack switches.

  • O-31
  • O-27
  • FasTrack
  • MTH Scaletrax and Realtrax
  • Atlas O

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