Build a Display Diorama

Build a proper display for your favorite models. This diorama project will teach you all the basics of model railroad scenery – skills you can use on a project any size.

  • Building the Base– A sturdy foundation is key for any project.
  • Planning – Make the most of your space.
  • Scenic Base – Using foam insulation to create a realistic terrain.
  • Making Rocks – Beautiful scale rocks are just a broken ceiling tile away.
  • Making Roads – From country roads to city streets, any layout can use a road.
  • Fascias – Give your work of art a proper frame.
  • Ground Cover – Add realistic grasses, dirt and debris, along with some simple details including guard rails for the road.
  • winter sceneDetailing Track – Make older tubular rail track look like it belongs with the realistic scenery we’ve been creating.
  • Trees – Make your own trees from a variety of natural materials.
  • Snow and Ice – Finish off our chilly display with a little snow and ice. Also, easy-to-make guard rails for country roads.

Now that you’ve built your display, show it off! A small diorama like this is the perfect backdrop to use when taking pictures of your collection.

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