New Product Spotlight – USRA Mikado

Of all the locomotives designed by the Uniter States Railroad Administration during World War I, the light Mikado (2-8-2) was far and away the most prevalent. Some 625 were built during the war. By comparison, the next most common USRA locomotives Continue reading

Freight Car Friday – Auto Carriers

Railroads have been carrying finished automobiles since the days of the Model T. For nearly forty years, vehicles were carried in boxcars. Because of their large size and relatively light weight, conventional cars were very inefficient. Railroads attempted new boxcar Continue reading

New Product Spotlight – American Flyer U33C

Here’s an updated look at our long-awaited American Flyer U33C with LEGACY. The new models are scheduled to ship late this month! General Electric’s U33C was among its more popular sellers in the “U-boat” line. GE’s U, or Universal, Series diesels Continue reading

New Product Spotlight – LEGACY 2-10-4’s

When it comes to brute power, it is hard to beat the heavy 2-10-4. The design maximized the tremendous strength of Lima’s “Super Power” design. What the 4-6-4 was to fast passenger service and the 2-8-4 was to fast freight, Continue reading

Freight Car Friday – Depressed Center Flatcars

When it comes to moving oversized loads, the railroads are hard to beat. But even railroads still have to contend with clearance issues. To maximize capacity, railroads will often use special cars like depressed-center and other heavy-duty flatcars to haul Continue reading